Ghetto Child ep

by Tunnel of Love

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Tunnel of Love of Brookline, Massachusetts is a band that has it all. First, their uniforms: striped tights and athletic shorts, -no shirts. Perfect! It's just weird enough. Who else is doing the uniform thing, save for maybe some band mates with the same pair of Chuck Taylors? The Mummies is the only band I can think of, and that shit is way over. Second, their drummer Makoto Sato, is a fucking animal. The dude drums standing up, as if he’s too feral to understand what sitting down even is. He beats on the drums with sloppy and savage inaccuracy like some kind of angry ape in an old Samsonite luggage commercial. Brothers, Andy and Anthony Macbain both switch off playing a guitar held together with duct tape, and screaming murder into a mic. They look similar to one another, both dirty looking with bad hair. Almost like the dirtbags down the block who would beat you up as a kid. And lastly, their songs are so raw and stripped down to the marrow, that they are absolutely void of anything but pure soul-scraping aggression. One-chord slop, so mean it knocks your IQ down a couple points, where it belongs. - Victim of Time


released January 1, 2006

Andy Macbain
Anthony Macbain
Makoto Sato



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